Christ Over Everything

I woke up this morning feeling a little worried, but I realized how important the symbol of the cross is in my daily walk with God. Have you ever felt so lost even in your Christian walk? It happens, as life may throw a few foul balls, and those problems will cause a short and sometimes pause in life. Christians are not perfect people, and life proves that life is not easy. Without family and friends, I’ve realized that Christ over everything is the most important. People will eventually fail you, and family will fail just the same. Jesus, has never failed and will never fail. Has there ever been a time where you have felt unloved or forgotten? Well, I have felt that way on many occasions, and it took just a few seconds that I had come to a conclusion that there is always someone in the world who has a more difficult life. Whether it is victims of Hurricane Katrina or the 19 firefighters families who have lost their husbands this past week. Even through, those difficult times, there is sunlight at the end of the tunnel. My prayers go out to the families of the 19 firefighters that lost their lives trying to save the families in the area due to forest fires. Although, life gets hard, I still have decided that Christ over everything. Yes, 19 firefighters are gone from this world, but they goodness will always be remembered throughout the country.


I have grown to put God over my finances

I have grown to put God over my relationships

I have grown to put God over my purpose in life


It’s simple, and I believe Christ over everything.


Live your life believing that you can only move forward and that God has a wonderful purpose for your life. Feel free to respond and have a blessed day.



What If by LaSheka Hollingsworth

Barnes &

African Imports (Greenspoint Mall – Houston, TX)



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