Desperate for More

I figure that life can show you all sorts of things that you may want such as, a new Louis Vuitton Speedy handbag or a new car, but this world will show you what you really need like food, water, and shelter. People will nearly kill for the next best cellular phone that can download more items than ever on Black Friday sells. I wonder are people that desperate to obtain the next big thing? Without caring about the poor labor that major industries use to make those phones and other overly expensive items that are on some of the top super stars in the country, it makes me wonder if I am just as desperate. I love to clutch on to my Louis Vuitton handbags and my Cole Haan pumps as I go out of town for trips, so I guess I can be one of those people who is desperate for more. I work long hours, so I can purchase what I desire, and at the end of the day I realize that I could have invested that five – hundred dollars into stocks/ savings. We Americans, well some Americans, desire to keep up with the rest of the nation by keeping up with fashion icons like Chanel and Carolina Herrera, and most of us are aware that we can not afford it. Are you desperate for more?

After nine years, you see a college friend who is boasting about a new job and the big house that he/she has inquired, but you start to think about what you don’t have and you begin to be envious of your old college classmate. Trust me, I have been there. Going to college to earn a degree than you go back to school to earn an advanced degree, and it seems like you still don’t have what you have always wanted. Well, I have decided to be better by knowing that I have accomplished so much from being a young kid who grew up in a community that many consider the ghetto, I made it out of poverty, but I was able to do it by knowing that God has more for me. Americans, we tend to work longer hours for less pay and through it all we demand more money, so we can spend more on the next great gadget. Lol!

Desperate to be a more successful person requires hard work and patience. Good things happen to those that wait and that is a fact. For example, Beyoncé’ Knowles didn’t become a musical sensation over night, it took years before her father was able to get the right record deal for the renowned group, Destiny’s Child. Just like Destiny’s Child, we have to work for what we want and for what we need. What are your thoughts on this issue? Have a blessed day and continue being the best that you can be.


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