Peace over Pain

Learn to live life with the purpose that God has for you, and by thinking and by knowing that God’s purpose is all that matters, that idea will give you constant peace. There is absolutely no point to hating someone when that hatred only brings about more pain to your daily walk. Think of the many different ways that you could relinquish that pain is not by shopping, but by prayer and meditation. One of my favorite people in the bible is Job, Job was a man who lost everything and he was tested by God, but he never lost his faith. Job, could have easily gave up and became a man who walked around with hatred in his heart, but he didn’t. Job continued to pray and meditate through his trials, and God blessed him with more than he could have ever imagined.

I look at my life from a child to now, and I realize that I once walked around with so much hate in my heart, and it only made my life harder. I would attend church, and nothing seemed to work. Although, I was raised to believe in Jesus, I didn’t have a real relationship with him. Once, I let go of the constant battle of the many things in my life, that I could not change, than I was able to walk in peace. Christians have a constant battle, it does not mean that life will be easy based on being a believer of Christ, but life gets harder. When life becomes more of a challenge, that is a sign that you must pray more, and pray without seizing. Whether people hate you for absolutely no reason, continue to show love to that individual, and hopefully by showing that person how your light shines, than they will too, change the way they feel and think. I went to the bank earlier today, and the bank teller had such a beautiful light about her, and all at once she continued to tell me her testimony and that she was so thankful for God’s many blessings. The bank teller expressed to me, “that there is no point to complaining about life, but be grateful for every moment that God has given.” This woman of God did not have to testify about how God has touched her life, but she did, and she spoke with peace over her life. The bank teller helped me to understand that life could be so much more difficult, but by God’s grace I am able to see another day.


Regardless, of your nationality, religion, sex, or occupation, peace is what every person is searching for, but many of the people around us don’t know how to forgive. First, you have to forgive the person that has caused you harm. Secondly, forgive yourself for any wrong doing that you may have caused. Thirdly, move forward into a new beginning. I pray that this helped you in some way. God bless.


*Looking forward to reading your comments, and have a wonderful day….


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