What If?

What If you had only one chance to correct your past life would you do it? I know that maybe this question is ridiculous to some people, but to other people it would be a chance of a life time. Some days I sit down and realize that I have made so many mistakes that I can’t keep up with them. Also, I have realized that God paid a big price on the cross, so that I could be forgiven for all of my sins. There is constant pressure from society to be perfect physically and emotionally. Younger individuals are constantly being bullied for not being pretty enough, athletic enough, or smart enough. As I wrote my first Christian based book, I remembered all of the good and bad days of going to school, and wondered how different my life would have turned out if I would have made better decisions or if I looked differently. Oddly enough, everything happens for a reason, and each incident makes us all stronger.

What is one thing that you have been thinking about and can’t seem to realize that everything happens for a reason?


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