Write Like You Mean It!

Writing comes from within, and at times I can get a bit wild. Honestly, every time that I have written a book or post, I usually have to be too honest. It is never my goal to hurt anyone, but I want the reader to come into my world that is filled with both love and pain . Have you set down at your computer or type writer, and realized that you need to say something that could be hurtful? Good, I am glad that you have to write something and mean it. For my first book “What If” it was strange writing down the most painful points of my life, but I had to come to a conclusion that their are so many children and adults that have been victims of abuse, so I continued to write until I couldn’t anymore.


As I made one stroke and than the second stroke, that is when I knew that God gave me a gift to write through my pain. There are moments where all I crave is writing, and the other days I need a break from picking up a pen and paper. It can become a waist of ink, if there is nothing that drives you. My Christian faith and family are the two that drive me to do better as a person and as a writer. When I write down my thoughts, it comes to me like something has just thrown a ton of bricks on my head. There is so much to write, and so many people that I need to reach in a life time. So, when that pen touches that piece of paper, make sure to write like your life depends on it. Make writing a priority before the gift is all gone.


There is nothing wrong with fiction, but I enjoy mixing my genres into both fiction and non -fictional. My second book is a fiction, but the deep issues that the characters have encountered come from true life events. Whether writing about my sorority life or about a troubled marriage that unfolds in the church, I write like there is no tomorrow. My point isn’t to  be aggressive as a writer, but to show the passion that I give from sentence to sentence. To all writers, never stop giving the audience the real you. When I first began writing, there were a few people that did not believe that writing from a Christian stand point would be wise, but I showed them that as long as I am being true to God, that I can not fail. Lastly, never stop helping people through your gift as a writer.  Ladies and gents remember to write like you mean it. God, bless!




What If can be purchased at, Amazon.com (Kindle & Book), Barnes & Nobles.com, Outskirtspress.com, River Oaks Bookstore, African Imports.

God, is this Relationship Worth My Time can be purchased at, Amazon.com, Barnes & Nobles.com, Outskirtspress.com, and River Oaks Bookstore.




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