Prayer, a Daily Challenge!

As I sit in my chair, I feel sadden by my thoughts that can be so negative. However, at the worse moments I look up and wonder how did Jesus get the strength to love those that refused to love him back. Than, I had a duh moment that made everything simple a I stretched myself out on the floor and began to pray. Have you ever felt that prayer can be a challenge? Well,  you’re not alone. When the heart lacks faith, it is impossible to sit and pray when there is no belief. Yes, I believe in God as my Lord and Savior, but there are days where I don’t know when a certain season of grief and pain will leave.


Have you ever felt unheard as you pray? As humans, we want an answer immediately, but that is not the way God works. God, may have already answered the pray, but it may not be the answer that you want. Whether you have prayed for some overly expensive car, it doesn’t mean that is the car God may want for you. God, is aware of what his flock can handle. Patience, is difficult to handle when there has been so much hardship in life, so I have learned that God  has a time that is way more appealing than man’s time. Wait or die trying. Right? Prayer, my challenge of working to be a better follower of Christ. Jesus, never said that if we walk with him, that it would be easy. Right? There is not one better way than to keep on praying until a break through comes. Never stop praying, never.


Praying can be the ultimate move that so many of us need, but something is holding you back. What is it? Is it family, friends, or yourself? Honestly, there are days where I have stopped myself from being great, it never was family of friends, but it was my selfish ways. Prayer, has given me a form of relief that people have never been able to give. The issue with prayer as a challenge may upset some people, but even King David felt challenged. In Psalms 13, King David felt that God was so distant, while he was dealing with such an intense trial that lasted for years. Also, look at Joseph as he was imprisoned and accused of having a sexual relationship with Potiphar’s wife (Genesis 39). For both King David and Joseph, both men had to wait on God to get them out of the storm. Was the trial of King David and Joseph a challenge? Of course, both men had to pray and wait on God’s great plan.


Find a quiet place and pray to God in your most sincere voice, and leave it alone. Daily, I have to remember that God is in complete control over my life. I do not have all of the answers, and I know that patience is a virtue. Prayer, is not the issue but waiting is the challenge. Waiting to be healed, waiting for a financial breakthrough, or whatever. We  are all a work in progress. Right? Continue to pray for me and I will continue to pray for you, daily. Challenge yourself to not worry. Challenge yourself to be more loving and kind. Lastly, challenge yourself to be more patient. God bless  and kisses!!




Christian Author LaSheka Hollingsworth is a Houston, Texas resident that has two Christian based books under her belt. For a copy or snippets go to one one the sites listed  or bookstore below.




*African Imports (Greenspoint Mall)

*River Oaks Bookstore (3270 Westheimer Rd., Houston, Texas 77098) (June 11, 2016 @ 11:00 a.m., book reading/signing-Free Food)










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