Problem Sleeping, God is Speaking!

Morning ladies and gents. For a few nights I have tossed and turned and can’t seem to get to sleep with all of the dreams of being successful in everything that I do. Lately, I’ve been having dreams of building a better tomorrow, and I find myself waking up and writing down the ideas that God keeps on giving. I believe that God talks to many of us through our dreams and if we don’t acknowledge him, He will keep on nudging until He gets a reply. God, has shown some of the greatest prophets the future of famine, plagues, Apocalypse, and Birth of Christ that changed the world forever. There have been lottery winners that claim that they were given their winning numbers through a dream. Dreams are a gift from God.

Not all dreams are like the Freight Night/ Freddy Kruger type dreams, but sometimes dreams can have a scary truth that will make any person change their wicked ways. Determine the path that God has given by listening to that deep voice within that never stops. When you’re having problems with sleeping, it may be a good idea to ask God for direction so that there is a clearer understanding of those dreams. Also, write the dreams down; because, it may be difficult to remember. Well, for me , it becomes difficult to remember the entire dream, so I jump to the floor, and write down the plan that God gives. Even when the dream is unclear, write it down anyway. The time will come when the ream will come into full circle. WRITE IT DOWN!

God, has a funny way in how He gets our attention. Right? Have you ever had that moment where you were driving the wrong way, but you were blessed with money or received a job opportunity? That was God that made it happen, just like the plan in that dream that you had on last night. Honestly, dreams can become scary when the goal appears to grand. For instance God has given a dream where there is a new job, but in a different state that will cost a great deal of money to start over. Life comes with its’ challenges, but when there is a will; there is always a way. Prepare for the move that God has shown you night after night. Moving to a new state can be scary, I know, but just imagine the blessings that await you. God, bless the tomorrow that God brings. Amen!





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