What If?

What If you had only one chance to correct your past life would you do it? I know that maybe this question is ridiculous to some people, but to other people it would be a chance of a life time. Some days I sit down and realize that I have made so many mistakes that I can’t keep up with them. Also, I have realized that God paid a big price on the cross, so that I could be forgiven for all of my sins. There is constant pressure from society to be perfect physically and emotionally. Younger individuals are constantly being bullied for not being pretty enough, athletic enough, or smart enough. As I wrote my first Christian based book, I remembered all of the good and bad days of going to school, and wondered how different my life would have turned out if I would have made better decisions or if I looked differently. Oddly enough, everything happens for a reason, and each incident makes us all stronger.

What is one thing that you have been thinking about and can’t seem to realize that everything happens for a reason?


Peace over Pain

Learn to live life with the purpose that God has for you, and by thinking and by knowing that God’s purpose is all that matters, that idea will give you constant peace. There is absolutely no point to hating someone when that hatred only brings about more pain to your daily walk. Think of the many different ways that you could relinquish that pain is not by shopping, but by prayer and meditation. One of my favorite people in the bible is Job, Job was a man who lost everything and he was tested by God, but he never lost his faith. Job, could have easily gave up and became a man who walked around with hatred in his heart, but he didn’t. Job continued to pray and meditate through his trials, and God blessed him with more than he could have ever imagined.

I look at my life from a child to now, and I realize that I once walked around with so much hate in my heart, and it only made my life harder. I would attend church, and nothing seemed to work. Although, I was raised to believe in Jesus, I didn’t have a real relationship with him. Once, I let go of the constant battle of the many things in my life, that I could not change, than I was able to walk in peace. Christians have a constant battle, it does not mean that life will be easy based on being a believer of Christ, but life gets harder. When life becomes more of a challenge, that is a sign that you must pray more, and pray without seizing. Whether people hate you for absolutely no reason, continue to show love to that individual, and hopefully by showing that person how your light shines, than they will too, change the way they feel and think. I went to the bank earlier today, and the bank teller had such a beautiful light about her, and all at once she continued to tell me her testimony and that she was so thankful for God’s many blessings. The bank teller expressed to me, “that there is no point to complaining about life, but be grateful for every moment that God has given.” This woman of God did not have to testify about how God has touched her life, but she did, and she spoke with peace over her life. The bank teller helped me to understand that life could be so much more difficult, but by God’s grace I am able to see another day.


Regardless, of your nationality, religion, sex, or occupation, peace is what every person is searching for, but many of the people around us don’t know how to forgive. First, you have to forgive the person that has caused you harm. Secondly, forgive yourself for any wrong doing that you may have caused. Thirdly, move forward into a new beginning. I pray that this helped you in some way. God bless.


*Looking forward to reading your comments, and have a wonderful day….

College Loans: A Constant Battle

How many of you have college debt? Be honest. You can turn on the news and there lies the issue on college debt and the people who are in debt. This issue has gotten so out of control that some students and graduates have to work two to three jobs to pay off college debt. It amazes me, that U.S. Congress decided to go on vacation versus finding a solution to the issue that is more than an issue for college students and graduates, but a major problem for the American economy. Imagine graduating from college at twenty – one years of age with family and friends by your side, who are rejoicing over your hard work in school, and after all of the hard work letters come into the mail from Sallie Mae asking for a monthly payment of $ 500.00 monthly for the next twenty – five years to pay off college debt, but you don’t have a job due to the harsh economy. I have spoken to many college graduates and college students that have found themselves in this predicament and can’t seem to get out of it. Raising the interest rate on college loans to 6.8 % will be the biggest mistake that congress could ever do to these college students, and the future graduates will have to find work that will pay back the money borrowed from the government and third party lenders. I recommend that college students should start looking for work the last semester of college and not wait until graduation; because, the world is more competitive than it was fifteen years ago, it seems like everyone has a college degree and companies only have a certain amount of positions open by the time many of the college students reach graduation. Also, only borrow what you need and when there is a refund, put a good amount into a separate account, so that when it is time to pay back the loans, it will make it easier to pay back a portion of  the loans up to six months to a year, and it will give some college graduates enough time to find a job.  Earning a college degree is not cheap by any means, and some of the degrees that many colleges and universities are offering are not worth anything for example, Philosophy, English, and Psychology. A philosophy degree is not as important in todays world as it probably would have been very important while in debate with Plato or Aristotle. English would be a great addition with a Masters degree. A psychology degree will only matter if the individual plans on earning a higher degree, than the degree will be worth more. Think of the future before applying for all of those loans and find a major that will get you a job and hopefully a career.


 Below are some great solutions to a easier college experience:


*Attend Technical school it is less expensive and only takes two years versus four years.

*Look for an accredited college online, and it takes less time and less money for some of the institutions (Do some research)

*Go to a community college

*Apply for grants and scholarships

*Work part-time and go to college


For more assistance look for help from college counselors and salliemae.com. I pray that this has been helpful to you and I know that God will guide you through this process.


*Please comment on this issue and help the many college graduates and future graduates find a solution to this problem.

Desperate for More

I figure that life can show you all sorts of things that you may want such as, a new Louis Vuitton Speedy handbag or a new car, but this world will show you what you really need like food, water, and shelter. People will nearly kill for the next best cellular phone that can download more items than ever on Black Friday sells. I wonder are people that desperate to obtain the next big thing? Without caring about the poor labor that major industries use to make those phones and other overly expensive items that are on some of the top super stars in the country, it makes me wonder if I am just as desperate. I love to clutch on to my Louis Vuitton handbags and my Cole Haan pumps as I go out of town for trips, so I guess I can be one of those people who is desperate for more. I work long hours, so I can purchase what I desire, and at the end of the day I realize that I could have invested that five – hundred dollars into stocks/ savings. We Americans, well some Americans, desire to keep up with the rest of the nation by keeping up with fashion icons like Chanel and Carolina Herrera, and most of us are aware that we can not afford it. Are you desperate for more?

After nine years, you see a college friend who is boasting about a new job and the big house that he/she has inquired, but you start to think about what you don’t have and you begin to be envious of your old college classmate. Trust me, I have been there. Going to college to earn a degree than you go back to school to earn an advanced degree, and it seems like you still don’t have what you have always wanted. Well, I have decided to be better by knowing that I have accomplished so much from being a young kid who grew up in a community that many consider the ghetto, I made it out of poverty, but I was able to do it by knowing that God has more for me. Americans, we tend to work longer hours for less pay and through it all we demand more money, so we can spend more on the next great gadget. Lol!

Desperate to be a more successful person requires hard work and patience. Good things happen to those that wait and that is a fact. For example, Beyoncé’ Knowles didn’t become a musical sensation over night, it took years before her father was able to get the right record deal for the renowned group, Destiny’s Child. Just like Destiny’s Child, we have to work for what we want and for what we need. What are your thoughts on this issue? Have a blessed day and continue being the best that you can be.

Stereotyping:National Pan -Hallenic Council

The ignorance behind stereotypes in the D-9 that has caused a number of members to fight at events and to feel not wanted in black fraternities and sororities. Instead of showing respect to members when performing in step shows, community service, and other good deeds show respect to members and not boo the group that is doing a good deed. It takes a great deal of maturity to give a good compliment versus some of these remarks from organizations that I have viewed in the past. Why is stereotyping used? Is it to put down one organization for another? Is it to lift up your self-esteem? Regardless, of the reason, it is sad and brings more of a separation amongst the divine nine. If your wondering if I am a member of a D-9 organization the answer is “Yes.” I am a Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority member since 2004. This message is to show concern on this issue, and to not offend anyone. However, if someone is offended they need to re-evaluate the real reason for joining a D-9 organization.

Honestly, some people join based on whether legacy rights within the family and others join based on popularity, but a large number of people have joined based on the good that is conducted in the many communities in the world. When I was a undergraduate student at Wiley College (HBCU), I did not know of many stereotypes of the D-9, but once I entered school I did notice how popular some organizations were versus other organizations that were misjudged based on the outer appearance of what they were wearing. People will join an organization based on a stereotype versus how much community service is being completed. Sadly enough, my perception on D-9 organizations was that it is nine black organizations that work together to better the community, and not the number of party’s and step shows are being won.

Some stereotypes that are ridiculous is: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority: Lighter skinned African American woman, long hair, stuck up, snobs, can’t cook, and uneducated.

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority: Darker skinned woman, head strong, arrogant, Over – weight, and disrespectful

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority: Over – weight, Unattractive, Dependent on Phi Beta Sigma, and country bunkers

Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority: Nerds, Unattractive, Shy, Over – weight, Kappa lovers, and there are only three members on every campus

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity: Nerds, arrogant, and only will date AKA’s

Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity: Pretty boys, step with canes, and womanizers

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity: Loners and country bunkers

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity: Disrespectful, Only dates Delta’s, and underachievers

Iota Phi Theta Fraternity: Loners and that there are on two or three on every campus

* I disagree with all of the stereotypes that are listed, but they are listed for readers to see how ridiculous some people actually think about those members of the D-9. Please, feel free to leave you opinions on this issue, and it will help form some dialogue between members and non – members, but only give educated responses that will help solve this problem. The last thing that is needed, is more ignorant remarks about organizations that have been around since the early 1900’s. Thanks, for reading and have a blessed day.

Christ Over Everything

I woke up this morning feeling a little worried, but I realized how important the symbol of the cross is in my daily walk with God. Have you ever felt so lost even in your Christian walk? It happens, as life may throw a few foul balls, and those problems will cause a short and sometimes pause in life. Christians are not perfect people, and life proves that life is not easy. Without family and friends, I’ve realized that Christ over everything is the most important. People will eventually fail you, and family will fail just the same. Jesus, has never failed and will never fail. Has there ever been a time where you have felt unloved or forgotten? Well, I have felt that way on many occasions, and it took just a few seconds that I had come to a conclusion that there is always someone in the world who has a more difficult life. Whether it is victims of Hurricane Katrina or the 19 firefighters families who have lost their husbands this past week. Even through, those difficult times, there is sunlight at the end of the tunnel. My prayers go out to the families of the 19 firefighters that lost their lives trying to save the families in the area due to forest fires. Although, life gets hard, I still have decided that Christ over everything. Yes, 19 firefighters are gone from this world, but they goodness will always be remembered throughout the country.


I have grown to put God over my finances

I have grown to put God over my relationships

I have grown to put God over my purpose in life


It’s simple, and I believe Christ over everything.


Live your life believing that you can only move forward and that God has a wonderful purpose for your life. Feel free to respond and have a blessed day.



What If by LaSheka Hollingsworth


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Love at First Sight

Does love really happen at first sight? It may happen for some people, but why does it only happen for some people? Love is very interesting, and no matter how much we attempt to stray from it, it tends to attack us when we don’t want to be bothered are when we just got out of a horrific relationship. Love is based off of the chemistry that one has, and it hightens as the time goes on, and many scientist have absolutely no clue to what makes people fall in love. I believe that it occurs; because, God wants it too, simple as that may seem, it can be real difficult for all people to accept true love. Trust me, I want love, but just want it to come when it is in God’s timing. What is your opinion on falling in love at first sight? Thanks, and have a blessed evening.

-Author LaSheka Hollingsworth