Writer’s Block, Anyone?

Have you stayed up at night scanning the walls for a sentence or title idea? Well, I have had the same problem as I scan the walls for some answer, that never appears. Writing takes days, than moths, and even years to complete a book. Heck, for some people, writing a check list may take a little time to finish. Some important steps that I believe are helpful is to keep a pad of paper near by, and some calming music never hurts. Also, I have learned to listen to God for every book title, character name, and topic. Writing is a gift that should never be taken so lightly. Every gift that God gives, is a blessing. Writer’s block is only temporary, so get your ideas together and start writing.


Plan a day out of the week where you will type two to three pages a day, but with distractions. Okay, I am aware that life comes with its’ distractions, but don’t use that as some excuse. Use every moment that God has given you, for his purpose. If God has given you one particular goal, and that is to write a book on Relationships, it is your ultimate duty to fulfill that goal. Again, plan a day out of the week that you can give strictly to your writing. Another idea is to ask your family and friends for their input on what appeals to them, as a reader. The audience will either love your work or not. Remember to appeal to the audience that you are writing for. For example, I write self help books and Christian Romance books. My writing style may not necessarily appeal to a person that prefers reading murder mysteries, so as you begin to write, think of your audience.


Okay, do you still have a case of writer’s block? Be patient, dear writer. Good things happen to those that wait. Try getting more z’s at night, and watch how all of the ideas appear. Remember the dream that Joseph had in Matthew 1:20, where an angel gave him instructions to not be afraid, and that he would take Mary as his wife. The best part about Joseph’s dream is  that the angel gave him the greatest information of all, and that was that Mary had conceived in her the Holy Spirit. Before going to bed, pray for clarity over all things in life that seem unclear. Writer’s Block, may be a small issue to the lack of words on the pad of paper. release everything that is stopping you from be grand.


I pray that this information helps and don’t be afraid to comment. God bless, and keep on moving forward.








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